Martin Ignacio Fernandez is a designer, educator, and technologist based in New York and Miami. His work consists of code, images, and narratives which examine the intersection between digital culture and the built environment. His thesis explored the impact of digital memories in the dominion of the dead.

He is currently an Architectural Designer and Creative Technologist at Certain Measures. An office for design and science. Where he develops geometrical configurators for the construction industry and for waste circularity; museum exhibitions on synthetic biology and generative artificial intelligence; and cartographic research on urban typologies with the use of machine vision.

At CM, he has completed exhibitions for the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Barbican Centre in London, the Copper Union in New York, the Ai Art Center in Shanghai, and the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

He is also currently a Visiting Professor of Architecture at the Stuart Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. Where he teaches studio courses for the Advanced Architecture Design Program of Master of Science in Architecture.

He recently was an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture at Syracuse University. Where he taught studio courses for the program of Bachelor of Architecture.

His work has been exhibited at the Irish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2018, Druker Design Gallery at Harvard GSD, Fordham University Center Gallery in New York, and the Subtropical Urbanism Convention at the Florida Atlantic University. His work has been published in Landscape Architecture Magazine, Harvard GSD's Platform 09/10/11/12, UF's Architrave 21/22, and Nexus Network Journal.

He has lectured, given workshops, and been a guest critic at Pratt Institute, School of Visual Arts, Boston Architectural College, Florida Atlantic University, University of Florida, University of British Columbia, University of Miami, Syracuse University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, and Harvard University.

Previously, he worked at Arquitectonica, Invivia, Depaor Studio, Harvard Campus Planning, and Gensler, where he worked on the Nvidia Headquarters, the LinkedIn Headquarters, and the Shanghai Tower.

In his spare time, he designs and develops web products for architects, designers, non-profit institutes, and research labs including Architag, The Los Angeles Design Group, Wright-Ingraham Institute's Studytank (CM), the Geometry Lab, and Holes of Matters.

He holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida and a Master of Architecture I from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
Guest Critic at Boston Architectural College for Alex Vilcu's seminar.
Guest Critic at University of Pennsylvania for Ali Rahim's graduate option studio.
Guest Critic at Pratt Institute School of Architecture for Fabian Llonch's graduate studio Bronx General Post Office Adaptive Reuse.
Completed website for Studytank's (Wright-Ingraham Institute) Drought Interfaces. [CM] Website
Guest Critic at School of Visual Arts for Evie Cheung and Antya Waegemann's Product Design research studio.
Guest Critic at University of Pennsylvania for Ali Rahim's seminar studio.
Workshop and Critic at The University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture for Goli Jalali's the Magic Carpet II studio.
Guest Critic at University of Pennsylvania for Hina Jamelle's studio.
Joined Stuart Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania as an Visiting Professor.
Guest Critic for Jiajie Jerry Zhao's Intro to Architecture at Columbia University GSAPP.
Internal Critic for Cait McCarthy's Farming Studio and Tara Pearson's Sublime Studio at Syracuse University.
Guest Critic for Marcos Parga's Housing [Midterm] Thesis Reviews at Syracuse University.
Lecture on Landscape Techniques for Utilities Camouglage at Slocum Hall at Syracuse University.
Joined Syracuse University School of Architecture as an Adjunct Professor.
Guest Critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture for Konrad Holtsmark's studio.
Guest Critic at Syracuse University School of Architecture for Sampath Pediredla, Edgar Rodríguez, Greg Corso, and Matt Rosen's studios.
Installation completed of Mine the Scrap [CM] for the Model Behavior at Cooper Union School of Architecture.
Lecture and Critic at The University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture for Goli Jalali's the Magic Carpet I studio.
Deployed Clark Pacific Parking Lot configurator application online. [CM]
Installation completed of Nursery and Geoscope [CM] for the Museum of the Future in Dubai.
Installation completed of Mine the Scrap [CM] for the AIIII Center in Shanghai.
Installation completed of Mine the Scrap [CM] for the Aiiiii Art Center in Shanghai.
Installation completed of Aerosphere [CM] for Neurons - Simulated Intelligence at Centre Pompidou in Paris.
Installation completed of Machine View of a Cities [CM] in Guangzhou.
Joined Certain Measures as an Architectural Designer and Creative Technologist.
Joined Invivia as an Architectural Design Research.
Graduated from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University with a Master of Architecture I.
Completed Harvard GSD M.Arch Thesis title "Bits & Ashes" under the guidance of Andrew Witt and Jeffrey Schnapp.
Joined Tom Depaor Studio as an Architectural Designer.
Joined Holes of Matter as a Graduate Architectural Researcher.
Assisted in Summer Mapping Workshop for Bobby Pietrusko for the Landscape Department at Harvard GSD.
Installation completed for Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities 's Headquarter House Zero.
Joined Harvard University Campus Design and Planning as an Architectural and Landscape Designer.
Joined Patrik Schumacher's option studio "Parametric Semiology: The Design of Information-rich Environment" at Harvard GSD.
Joined Greg Lynn and Jeffrey Schnapp's option studio "Robots in and out Buildings" at Harvard GSD.
Critic at Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture for Design Seventh vertical studio.
Joined the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities' Headquarter House Zero as a Fabricator Assistant.
Critic at Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture for Design Seventh vertical studio.
Started at Harvard Graduate School of Design for Master of Architecture.
Joined Arquitectonica as an Architectural Designer in Miami.
Joined Gensler as an Architectural Designer in San Francisco.
Joined Stanley Saitowitz at Natoma Architects as an Architectural Designer in San Francisco.
Graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor of Design.
Transient for one year at Florida Atlantic University for Bachelor of Architecture.
Graduated from Broward College with an Associate in Architecture.  
Harvard University
Graduated School of Design
Master of Architecture I
University of Florida
School of Architecture
Bachelors of Design
Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor of Architecture
Broward CollegeAssociates in Architecture
Design Tech
Certain Measures
Aug 2019 - ongoing - Boston / NEW YORK
2019/24 - Museum of the Future, Dubai
Designed, coordinated with artists and contractors, and produced data visualization with AEffect scripting for an exhibition on climate remediation by speculative synthetic biology.

2024 - IRCAM Centre Pompiduo, Paris
Proposal package, multimedia design, and projection mapping for exhibition on wave field synthesis for sound research.

2024 - Google, San Francisco

2024 - Wright Ingraham Istitute, New York
Introduction website for studythink's drought web map application.

2023 - Fresh Health, San Francisco
3D modeling and fluid dynamics animations of medical oral tool for marketing campaign.

2022 - Cooper Union, New York
Installation of the exhibition. Set all media and wiring systems in place. Monitor and fix any irregularities during the live exhibition.

2022 - World Expo 2030, Riyadh

2021 - Clark Pacific Parking Lot Configurator, San Francisco
Designed UX/UI in Figma for client survey, developed in Unity, deployed in Webgl Heroku Application & MERN stacked backend settings.  

2020 - AIIIII Center, Shangai
Circular Economy exhibition - Rhino Grasshopper parametrical design for fabrication 15 feet cubic sculpture.

2019 - Centre Pompiduo, Paris
Video Editing and GIS Mapping for exhibition based on airport footprint using machine vision.

2019 - Barbican Centre, London
Video Editing and GIS Mapping for an exhibition based on the housing footprint of London using machine vision.

Summer 2019 - Cambridge
Design proposals for the renovation of a physics research campus into an innovation hub. Design package for implementation of modular concrete units into an architectural system.
Tom Depaor
Spring 2019 - Cambridge
Preparing drawings for city permits for single family residential homes. Worked with a team to propose an embassy for Ireland government in Tokyo.
Harvard University: Campus Design & Planning
May 2018 - July 2019 - Cambridge
One to two months feasibility studies for potential expansion/renovation of dormitories and landscape updates for Harvard University Campus.
Summer 2015 - Miami
Programmatic/Schematic Design for mixed residential (condo, rental, hotel)projects of large scale in South Florida.
June 2014 - June 2015 - San Francisco
Programmatic/Schematic Design, and Design Development for core and shell Office Buildings, Tech headquarters, and interior design office fits-outs, as well as several fast feasibility studies/design proposals.
House Zero
Sept 2017 - July 2018 - Cambridge
Working with a team; designing, fabricating and assembling a hexagon panel system inside The Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities (CGBC)headquarter, House Zero. The project involves coordinating with Snohetta, theArchitect. Fabricating the panels with the use of CNC Routing, coordinating with supplier for insulation and fastening, and pre-assembling each panel before coordinating the installation inside the house
Steel Investigation - Corrosion
Summer 2014 - Independent research w/ Colin Cobia
Investigated techniques to bent, joint and rust steel. Constructed ceiling system panel.
Studio for Architecture and Urbanism
Summer 2013 - Gainsville
Renovated a shotgun-house into S4AU’s office following construction documents.
University of Florida
Summer 2013 - Gainesville
Disassembled, reorganized, and renovated the studio space at the University of Florida School of Architecture under the supervision of the school faculty.
Mares install
May 2008 - Aug 2010 - Miami
Worked with a team of flooring installers to design and construct marble patterns in residential to commercial scale projects. Drafted schematic documents in AutoCAD to map out the layout of the design prior to installation.
Web Design
South Broward High School
Sept 2006 - May 2008
Worked as part of the web team, the position requires collaboration with a group of students to design, code, and maintain South Broward S.H. website.
University of Pennsylvania AAD
Visiting Professor
Aug 2023 - ongoing
Teach Studio AAD702 / MSD-AAD / Advanced Architecture Design - Inquires in Assemblies, Systems, and Tectonics principles of design.
Syracuse University
Adjunct Professor
Spring 2023
Taught Studio ARC208 - Inquires in Section, Site, Surface, and System.
Harvard GSD
Graduate Teacher Assistant -  Core II Studio
Spring 2019
Logistics, critic and course preparation.
instructor: Tom Depaor
Graduate Research Assistant
Sept 2018 - June 2019
Research, Editorial and Publication for Typology of Big Words.
instructor: Sergio Lopez Pineiro
Graduate Teaching Assistant - Tools workshop
August 2018
Assisted with ArcGis, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhinoceros 3D, and Plotting.
instructor: Robert Pietrusko
University of Florida
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2013
Assisted student with analyzing, constructing, and diagramming academic architectural projects.
instructor: Albertus Wang
Florida Atlantic University
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2011
Assisted student with analyzing, constructing, and diagramming academic architectural projects.
Broward College
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2010
Assisted student with analyzing, constructing, and diagramming academic architectural projects.
Studio Committee Rep - Design V
Florida Atlantic University - Spring 2012
Spokesman in the FAU architecture committee for the class of 2012 Design V.
AIAS Webmaster & Historian
AIAS Fort Lauderdale Chapter - Sept 2009 - May 2011
Created and maintained the online website for the organization. Organized and archive all the documents, photographs and meetings. Used google service to accomplish all the database.
US Green Building Council - Marketing Manager
USGBC Fort Lauderdale Chapter - May 2010 - May 2011
Promoted the organization with branding, photography and web design solutions.
Freedom by Design - Volunteer
AIAS Fort Lauderdale Chapter - May - Nov 2010
Volunteer Constructed with a team: ramps, rails, and walkways for handicap accessible.
C.V. Starr Scholarship
Harvard University - 2017
Students of high merit with financial need.
Architecture Design Award
University of Florida - 2014
Awarded recognition of outstanding achievement and consistent performance.
National Concrete Masonry Association
2nd place
Florida Atlantic University - 2011
Implementation of CMU on a pavilion development located in Stranahan Park.
Annual Seahawk Spirit Award 2010
Broward College - 2010
Presented in recognized by the college for support in a positive manner for the work perform for AIAS and USGBC.
Mastery Certificate of Web Design
South Broward High School 2008
South Broward High School Recognized for advance development in web design and marketing strategies.